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Exciting Announcement!

Hanbphoto & Strategy & Hannah B. Rupp

The big news is - I am starting to use my name for my fine art! Through the ups and downs of creating and maintaining a creative business, I’ve decided to rebrand and have the art aspects of my business reflect my name Hannah B. Rupp. It's a simple change, but one that I am excited about!

For quite some time, I’ve thought of how to approach the changing nature of my business and how it has evolved and grown over the years. I feel it is the right time to begin to use my name to reflect my journey as an artist and the hope I have for the future.

To give some context, here's the backstory of my business:

In September of 2013, I created and incorporated a limited liability corporation in the state of Florida. An employer had asked to hire me for a few months to work on a special project full-time and asked if I would draft up the contract, timeline, and details. It was a great opportunity so I decided to do it! This led me to starting my own business and officially launching “Hanbphoto & Strategy, LLC.” “Hanbphoto & Strategy, LLC” symbolized what the majority of my first business was when it first began - photography and marketing strategy. The name of the business came from a shortened version of my nickname “Hannah B” combined with “photo” for photography and "strategy".

*Original branding logos and banners created in 2013 and present through 2015. They were created especially to be used on my Etsy shop and Facebook page

Since then, I have been able to assist a variety of clients with their marketing and strategic needs, (while also creating art!) I’ve created comprehensive marketing plans for non-profit organizations, had the opportunity to be a board member at a start-up creative arts organization, and was a professional Artist in Residence all while assisting another small business over the years with managing and creating content to increase site traffic resulting in increased sales and client bookings. If you are an artist or designer, I highly recommend incorporating your own business! It may seem intimidating, but you can do it fairly simply. I’m pleased with my decision to incorporate more than five years ago and have seen growth and success since.

*Updated branding logos and banner created in 2016 that reflected a clean and fresher look. Also, eliminated Etsy as primary webpage. Still have an Etsy shop where I sell select items such as photography notecards!

During the years, I’ve been able to work with some great organizations and individuals. I’ve also been able to experiment with different art forms as well as create several different series of fine art photography notecards and illustrations.

At the tail end of 2016, I began painting and I haven’t put down the paint brushes and palette knives since! Today, it makes more sense to be known as my name “Hannah B. Rupp” with a tagline of “Fine Art” for my art. This gives me more flexibility to create a recognizable brand as an artist and is more aligned with the direction I hope the business will take in the future.

"Hanbphoto & Strategy" isn't going to completely disappear. I've grown to love my social media username @hanbphoto on instagram as it's become such a great creative outlet throughout the recent years. Currently, I plan to use "Hannah B. Rupp" as my overall identity and artist/painting identity while "Hanbphoto & Strategy will be used for broader strategic needs. So, the official name of the LLC isn't going to change, but I do have the flexibility to change it in the future if I would like.

*Updated branding banners created in 2017 - March 2019. This was the first time that my painting was incorporated into my identity and branding.

My new website:

I have a new website! Please take some time to explore! I am super excited about this because I will now have a way for people to shop my paintings and framed prints online as well as an active blog which I call “journal”. I’m looking forward to having a streamlined process for shipping and selling my artwork. I will also be sharing a lot more about my creative process, the reason behind my creating, and other lifestyle related content. This has been several years in the making and I am so proud of what this business has become. With a new overall name and a fresh look and feel, I’m hoping you will love this change as much as I do!



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