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Nonahood News Artist Feature

Orlando area neighborhood Lake Nona has a really great newspaper - Nonahood News. It's independently run by the residents of the area. It covers a variety of areas including sports, arts, culture, commerce, and health. These newspapers are displayed in lots of the local businesses and sent out to each resident's mailbox.

I received an email notifying me that I was nominated to be the featured artist for March 2019! I had so much fun being interviewed for the article and love the way it turned out. It was such a shock to see a peak of my face on the front cover! They told me that my artwork would be displayed on the front cover, but it was such a fun surprise to see a glimpse of myself hiding behind one of my paintings. It was such an honor to have this article published on me and my artwork.

Here's a pdf of the article and link to read it online here! Thank you so much #nonahoodnews for featuring me!



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