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A day in the life

I thought it might be fun to share a bit of what a day in my life looks like. The mornings are early and I try to keep the nights early too. I've been doing a lot of homemaking, administrative tasks, some painting and creating, and a lot of mothering. I have a document on my laptop titled "motherhood" that is currently 184 pages long single spaced where I pour out my thoughts at the end of the night. It contains brain dumps, prayers, and sweet memories I know will soon be forgotten unless written down. I also write in my trusty journals that are always nearby. I alternate morning chores with playing with our son, trips to the library or a local coffee shop for a treat, daily stroller rides down the avenue to get some fresh air, exercise, and brain breaks. Naptime comes where I've learned to give myself a few minutes of rest too with my feet up and then catch up on much needed tasks or run the errands that are simply easier on my own. The afternoon comes with more playing and adventuring with time spent outside before dinner. Being present every day with Benjamin as he lives his childhood gives me such a nostalgic feeling of the very early years of my own childhood with unstructured play, being outside, trips to the park, and forming meaningful connections with my people. Soon enough I know he'll be more independent climbing trees, continuing to learn in a more structured way, and deepening friendships.

I have four new acrylic paintings that are in the works. I closed myself in my studio space for a few minutes alone to paint last week and my husband said to me later that evening "it makes me happy when you paint." I thought - what a kind and encouraging thing to say. It's a good reminder for me to keep going and to continue to carve that time for a daily practice. I don't paint every day in this season, but there is a stirring to do more than what I currently do. It's a bit harder to put any energy I can muster into my own work when I know this is a season of being fully present every day for my son. I know I can do both - be fully present for him and create art, but doing it well - we all know that can be hard. The kindness of gentle nudges in the form of a complement "you do such beautiful work!", a question "are you painting right now?, a reminder statement "painting is how you process some of those emotions" helps stir that intrinsic motivation to invest in the daily practice of creating art. I appreciate it all and every minute I have to add / express beauty into this world.

Always with gratitude,



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