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Baby Announcement!

For those of you who may not know, Ben and I are expecting! We are having a baby due in March! And, what better way to proclaim to the world our happy news than to create a collaborative painting as our pregnancy announcement.

Ben and I had fun doing our gender announcement and despite what we both initially thought we are having a boy!

Rather than hire a photographer, Ben and I decided to use the new year holiday to capture some special maternity photographs. Since this pregnancy has had its challenges, we were eager to capture some moments at the start of the 3rd trimester! Ben took these photographs during golden hour (my favorite time of day) and we used the self-timer feature on our camera to capture some of us together. We are happy to have these special memories together and may even do another photoshoot to capture this season right before baby boy arrives!

Thanks for following along and as always you can connect with me on Instagram and Facebook at @hanbphoto. -HBR


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