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Pottery Barn Pop-up Shop!

On Saturday May 25th I had my first pop-up shop! It was hosted by Pottery Barn Orlando in The Mall at Millenia. It was a fun experience to bring various sizes of my original acrylic paintings and framed prints available for purchase. I enjoyed meeting a variety of people and hearing which pieces they especially enjoyed! Thanks to Pottery Barn Orlando for having me and enjoy a few photographs of the display from the day! -HBR

Standing with my artwork on display for my pop-up shop at Pottery Barn Orlando store!

The custom design fabric is from a website called Spoonflower. It was perfect for displaying my information.

Great view!

I also brought a few notecards that I have remaining from my Etsy shop. Check out hanbphoto on Etsy if you want to purchase notecards!

Great first pop-up shop smile! :)


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